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SpdKilz Track Day Probably the last video of the season.  A couple weeks ago I went to the track on a nice cool day to see what I could run.  Sadly, I couldn't get traction to save my life, but I sure proved what the car is capable of by the trap speed!  Video also includes a few quick 350z TT races. 14.1Mb
SpdKilz Idle/Run Video

Short video of the car idling with dumps, and then a few quick highway runs showing the acceleration.  More vids soon!

SpdKilz vs. O-Ace

Some races between my buddy Awais' modified TT Porsche 996 and my 548rwhp TT Z06 on low boost.  Porsche is running 1.3 bar and is 530+awhp.  Also includes some flybys and a few races between Mike's head/cam/bolt on Z28 and Will's cam/bolt on C5 Z06.

SpdKilz TT Dyno

This video shows me finally getting the SpdKilz Z06 dyno tuned at Sound Performance.  This was through an essentially stock TI exhaust, at 4.5psi, on a Mustang Dyno.  Also included is a quick run against B's '02 header/intake Z06.  I LOVE how this car pulls now :D

SpdKilz TT Teaser

A quick little clip of the first start-up/test drive of the TT Z06.  Trust me, LOTS of more videos to follow!


SpdKilz Fall Compilation Video

A long overdue video with a whole bunch of clips from the end of summer to the end of fall.  Almost all of Shocker Racing makes an appearance.  Lots of Burnouts, Flybys, Street Racing, and some Goof Ups at the end.  A full TEN minute video!  Be sure to watch the whole thing and stay tuned for more videos next year!


SpdKilz vs. 996TT X50 vs. V-10 M5

I was able to get a few good races in the other day.  Raced Awais' Porsche 996TT X50, a new BMW V-10 M5, and a 470rwhp 350z.  All very fast cars...all go down to the Z06 :D  Enjoy the video!


SpdKilz vs. Modified Ford GT and Modified 03 Cobra

Went out last Thursday and had a fun night with some of the guys.  The Ford GT I previously raced is now modified and putting out 593rwhp and I raced a 550+ rwhp Cobra.  Lets just say I need a power adder now :(  Enjoy!


SpdKilz vs. Ford GT & Bi-Turbo SL600

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to get some great runs in.  In this video you will see me race a Ford GT (stock), and a Bi-Turbo V-12 Mercedes SL600 tuned by RennTech (one of the nicest looking Mercedes I have ever seen). 


Road America Ferrari Challenge

A short video thrown together (not my normal work) to show just a couple of clips from last weekend when my Father and I attended the Ferrari Challenge.  Those F430's sound MEAN!


SpdKilz vs. F430 Quickie Race

Last night (7-6-05) I got in a quick race with the Ferrari F430.  I unbelievably missed 4th gear (first time in two years, arg!) and the Ferrari got the jump.  However, in the short time we DID race I was gaining on him steadily.  A BIG props to James for somehow videoing and also driving his C6 at the same time.


Friday Night Racing With Guest McLaren SLR

Last Friday (6-30-06) a group of us in Shocker Racing and a couple other people met up for a cruise.  One of the special guests of the night was a Mercedes McLaren SLR.  In this video you will see Brian's 430rwhp 350Z TT race against Ryan's 418rwhp C6, Ryan race Me, and lastly see Brian, me, and the SLR getting a quick race in.  Don't miss out on this!


Modified Z06 Titanium Exhaust

I love how my stock TI exhaust sounds with my cam/heads/headers, and was weary to put on a new exhaust to increase the volume.  Brandon, a friend in the car club I am in, had a set of custom TI exhausts which had a piece of titanium welded in to partially bypass the muffler.  It is hard to tell in the video, but the new exhaust livens the car up a decent amount, but not to the point it is obnoxious or loses the TI sound.  Enjoy!


Summer 2005 Z06 Compilation Video

I FINALLY got up a video of my Z06 doing some 1/4 runs, burnouts, flybys, and a race or two.  Over seven minutes of fun.  Worth the download!  Spread this video around guys!


Z06 vs. TT 350Z

A quick race between my friend Bryan's 430rwhp/tq Twin Turbo 350z.  I will definitely get more footage of us racing next summer.  Sorry for such a quick race...a car pulled out in front of me.


A Few Burnouts

These are a few burnouts I did this summer (same footage from the Summer 2005 Compilation Video, but this is easier to download if you just want to see me heating up some rubber).


Track Video Of My Z06

I went to the track on 8-17-05 and ran a best of 11.84@122.39.  This video includes an in-car view of a 11.97 run and the outside view of my 11.84 run.


E46 M3 vs. WS6 & E46 M3 vs. C6

The other night we had an M3 offer to run some of our cars.  The C6 (stock) and WS6 (417rwhp) raced against a 05 E46 M3 with exhaust, intake, and a tune.  The owner of the M3 and his friends turned out to be some pretty cool guys and we hope to have more races with them and their friends.


Supra vs. WS6

Here is a race between two of my friends from the car club I am in, Shocker Racing.  The Supra is a 1984 with 393rwhp and 390rwtq on 19 PSI (looks like a beater) and the WS6 is pushing 417rwhp and has a 150 shot of nitrous that he does not use (empty bottle).  That little red Supra can GO!  For more information on the cars go to my car club's site!


My Z06 Revving

This is a short clip of my Z06 revving after the installation of AFR 205cc Heads and SI6 232 240 .595 .610 112 Comp Cam.  Stock Exhaust Without Cats.


Z06 Blowup

This is a tribute video to my friend (and President of my car club, Shocker Racing) James' 2001 Z06.  He was at the track on 4-9-05 and we think his fuel pooled in his intake manifold and BOOM.  BTW, he was using a window switch for his nitrous, and had the setup professionally installed.  All that other BS you hear online is just that.  This was a technical malfunction within the system.


Burnout Video!

Here is a five and a half minute completion of some great burnouts from the Wisconsin Dells Car Show this summer.  Highlights include a 1 minute + burnout.


Summer 2004v2.0

This four minute video shows a few good shots of the Z06, but more importantly shows a few good high speed run's.  Worth the download!


Summer 2004v1.0

This short video shows the dynoing of my new Kooks 1 3/4" Headers, and also a new shot of how the exhaust sounds.  Despite my wishing the dyno numbers were a bit higher, you can definitely feel the difference!


M3 Malibu Canyon Run

A new video I made.  It consists of a friends E36 M3 tearing up some of the famous roads in Malibu and the surrounding countryside.  A big file but it is over five and a half minutes long!


Chicago Video Compellation

This is a first attempt video by myself when I cruised to and around Chicago.  A few "speed" clips!


Old Chicago Video Compellation

Same thing as above but with different editing.  Please tell me which one you like better.


Police Strobe Video

A small clip of me walking around the exterior of the Z06 with the Police Strobes and Vent Neon on.  The frame rate makes the strobes look like they are messed up, but in real life they look perfectly fine.


Alarm Video

What the title says.  My alarm...want to mess with it?


Stock Z06 Exhaust

A short clip of my Z06 with a completely Stock TI Exhaust.


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